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ansible.cfg: new options from ansible upgrade

Jörg Thalheim 7 years ago
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@ -102,6 +102,15 @@ ansible_managed = Ansible managed: {file} modified by {uid} on {host}
# to disable these warnings, set the following value to False:
#deprecation_warnings = True
# (as of 1.8), Ansible can optionally warn when usage of the shell and
# command module appear to be simplified by using a default Ansible module
# instead. These warnings can be silenced by adjusting the following
# setting or adding warn=yes or warn=no to the end of the command line
# parameter string. This will for example suggest using the git module
# instead of shelling out to the git command.
# command_warnings = False
# set plugin path directories here, separate with colons
action_plugins = /usr/share/ansible_plugins/action_plugins
callback_plugins = /usr/share/ansible_plugins/callback_plugins
@ -110,6 +119,12 @@ lookup_plugins = /usr/share/ansible_plugins/lookup_plugins
vars_plugins = /usr/share/ansible_plugins/vars_plugins
filter_plugins = /usr/share/ansible_plugins/filter_plugins
# by default callbacks are not loaded for /bin/ansible, enable this if you
# want, for example, a notification or logging callback to also apply to
# /bin/ansible runs
#bin_ansible_callbacks = False
# don't like cows? that's unfortunate.
# set to 1 if you don't want cowsay support or export ANSIBLE_NOCOWS=1
#nocows = 1
@ -132,6 +147,13 @@ filter_plugins = /usr/share/ansible_plugins/filter_plugins
# avoid issues.
#http_user_agent = ansible-agent
# if set to a persistant type (not 'memory', for example 'redis') fact values
# from previous runs in Ansible will be stored. This may be useful when
# wanting to use, for example, IP information from one group of servers
# without having to talk to them in the same playbook run to get their
# current IP information.
fact_caching = memory
# uncomment this line to cause the paramiko connection plugin to not record new host