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- name: install openssh
pacman: name=openssh state=present
- name: Write sshd_config
template: src=sshd_config.j2 dest=/etc/ssh/sshd_config mode=0644
- name: Write ssh_config
template: src=ssh_config.j2 dest=/etc/ssh/ssh_config mode=0644
- name: deploy ssh moduli
copy: src=ssh_moduli dest=/etc/ssh/moduli mode=0644
- name: create link-ptmx.service
copy: src=link-ptmx.service dest=/etc/systemd/system/link-ptmx.service mode=0644
- name: enable link-ptmx.service
file: src=/etc/systemd/system/link-ptmx.service dest=/etc/systemd/system/ state=link
- name: start sshd.socket
service: name=sshd.socket state=started enabled=yes