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#ifndef FFT_H
#define FFT_H
/* FIX_MPY() - fixed-point multiplication macro.
This macro is a statement, not an expression (uses asm).
BEWARE: make sure _DX is not clobbered by evaluating (A) or DEST.
args are all of type fixed.
Scaling ensures that 32767*32767 = 32767. */
#define FIX_MPY(DEST,A,B) DEST = ((long)(A) * (long)(B))>>15
#define N_WAVE 1024 /* dimension of Sinewave[] */
#define LOG2_N_WAVE 10 /* log2(N_WAVE) */
#ifndef fixed
#define fixed short
extern fixed Sinewave_org[N_WAVE];
//function prototypes
fixed fix_mpy_org(fixed a, fixed b);
int fix_fft_org(fixed *fr, fixed *fi, int m, int inverse);
#endif //FFT_H