update zone

Jörg Thalheim 3 years ago
parent 7ae5725616
commit 3bfba41e8f
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GPG Key ID: 003F2096411B5F92

@ -23,7 +23,8 @@ def main() -> None:
with open(hostsfile) as f:
for line in f:
columns = line.split(" ")
rdns[columns[0]] = columns[1].strip()
if not columns[1].startswith("4.") and not columns[1].startswith("6."):
rdns[columns[0]] = columns[1].strip()
for name in columns[1:]:
hostname, tld = name.strip().rsplit(".", 1)
ip = columns[0]

@ -1,12 +1,7 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA 240.10.in-addr.arpa. root.r. 2020311221 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN SOA 240.10.in-addr.arpa. root.r. 2020362721 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb IN PTR nomic.gg23. IN PTR ok.gg23. IN PTR wu.gg23. IN PTR xu.gg23. IN PTR zu.gg23. IN PTR alnus.r. IN PTR amy.r. IN PTR blue.r.

@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA 2.4.ip6.arpa. root.r. 2020311221 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN SOA 2.4.ip6.arpa. root.r. 2020362721 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb

@ -1,11 +0,0 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA gg23. root.r. 2020311221 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
nomic IN A
ok IN A
wu IN A
cache.wu IN A
xu IN A
cache.xu IN A
zu IN A

@ -1,28 +1,52 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA i. root.r. 2020211921 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN SOA i. root.r. 2020362721 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
amy IN A
amy IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:b62e:99ff:fe3e:d369
4.amy IN A
6.amy IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:b62e:99ff:fe3e:d369
clara IN A
clara IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:b62e:99ff:fe3d:70f2
4.clara IN A
6.clara IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:b62e:99ff:fe3d:70f2
donna IN A
donna IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:30a2:6e7b:c58b:cafd
4.donna IN A
6.donna IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:30a2:6e7b:c58b:cafd
eddie IN A
4.eddie IN A
enklave IN A
4.enklave IN A
eva IN A
eva IN AAAA 2a05:d014:301:a601:ef0e:5434:d814:b8ed
4.eva IN A
6.eva IN AAAA 2a05:d014:301:a601:ef0e:5434:d814:b8ed
eve IN A
eve IN AAAA 2a01:4f9:2b:1605::1
4.eve IN A
6.eve IN AAAA 2a01:4f9:2b:1605::1
flap IN A
4.flap IN A
gum IN A
gum IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:191:12f6::2
4.gum IN A
6.gum IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:191:12f6::2
inspector IN A
4.inspector IN A
martha IN A
martha IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:6d4:c4ff:fe04:4aba
4.martha IN A
6.martha IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:6d4:c4ff:fe04:4aba
ni IN A
cgit.ni IN A
4.ni IN A
4.cgit.ni IN A
prism IN A
paste IN A
4.prism IN A
4.paste IN A
rose IN A
rose IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:6d4:c4ff:fe04:4e4b
4.rose IN A
6.rose IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:6d4:c4ff:fe04:4e4b

@ -1,8 +1,12 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA lan. root.r. 2020311221 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN SOA lan. root.r. 2020362721 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
filepimp IN A
4.filepimp IN A
omo IN A
4.omo IN A
wbob IN A
log.wbob IN A
4.wbob IN A
4.log.wbob IN A

@ -1,61 +1,119 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. 2020311221 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. 2020362721 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
alnus IN A
alnus IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:99a9:9166:ae88:208:9645
4.alnus IN A
6.alnus IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:99a9:9166:ae88:208:9645
amy IN A
amy IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:1551:1906:bc7c:801f:3c4
4.amy IN A
6.amy IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:1551:1906:bc7c:801f:3c4
blue IN A
blue IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::b1ce
4.blue IN A
6.blue IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::b1ce
bolide IN A
bolide IN AAAA 42:0:8809:c21a:c777:b352:f0d8:47d3
4.bolide IN A
6.bolide IN AAAA 42:0:8809:c21a:c777:b352:f0d8:47d3
brauerei IN A
brauerei IN AAAA 42:0:8809:da7f:7b20:6a54:c412:808f
4.brauerei IN A
6.brauerei IN AAAA 42:0:8809:da7f:7b20:6a54:c412:808f
cake IN A
cake IN AAAA 42:0:e644:ab0:32cd:b619:1962:5
4.cake IN A
6.cake IN AAAA 42:0:e644:ab0:32cd:b619:1962:5
catalonia IN A
catalonia IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:872f:60bd:5179:38b3:cba9
4.catalonia IN A
6.catalonia IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:872f:60bd:5179:38b3:cba9
catullus IN A
catullus IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:3ec0:7aad:d1d5:9842:da4c
4.catullus IN A
6.catullus IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:3ec0:7aad:d1d5:9842:da4c
clara IN A
clara IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:e4e9:7814:459b:3f23:f455
4.clara IN A
6.clara IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:e4e9:7814:459b:3f23:f455
crapi IN A
crapi IN AAAA 42:0:e644:b386:6e2a:c94f:34d6:b0ca
4.crapi IN A
6.crapi IN AAAA 42:0:e644:b386:6e2a:c94f:34d6:b0ca
crustacea IN A
crustacea IN AAAA 42:4a6f::4263
4.crustacea IN A
6.crustacea IN AAAA 42:4a6f::4263
daedalus IN A
daedalus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::daed
cgit.daedalus IN A
cgit.daedalus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::daed
4.daedalus IN A
4.cgit.daedalus IN A
6.daedalus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::daed
6.cgit.daedalus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::daed
dimitrios IN A
dimitrios IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:a1cf:9d0e:d966:a438:905d
4.dimitrios IN A
6.dimitrios IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:a1cf:9d0e:d966:a438:905d
donna IN A
donna IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:7f2f:ed62:c6fd:9f1b:9900
4.donna IN A
6.donna IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:7f2f:ed62:c6fd:9f1b:9900
dpdkm IN A
dpdkm IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:7296:36f3:4099:1a6b:d47e
4.dpdkm IN A
6.dpdkm IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:7296:36f3:4099:1a6b:d47e
eddie IN A
eddie IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:126:3b9d:8298:f1b5:86d
4.eddie IN A
6.eddie IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:126:3b9d:8298:f1b5:86d
enklave IN A
enklave IN AAAA 42:0:8809:2ef1:f4d5:6338:daa4:ba68
cgit.enklave IN A
cgit.enklave IN AAAA 42:0:8809:2ef1:f4d5:6338:daa4:ba68
4.enklave IN A
4.cgit.enklave IN A
6.enklave IN AAAA 42:0:8809:2ef1:f4d5:6338:daa4:ba68
6.cgit.enklave IN AAAA 42:0:8809:2ef1:f4d5:6338:daa4:ba68
eva IN A
eva IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:8a42:2b1:5ef8:7562:676a
prometheus IN A
prometheus IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:8a42:2b1:5ef8:7562:676a
4.eva IN A
4.prometheus IN A
6.eva IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:8a42:2b1:5ef8:7562:676a
6.prometheus IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:8a42:2b1:5ef8:7562:676a
eve IN A
eve IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
4.eve IN A
6.eve IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
filebitch IN A
filebitch IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:344c:cb3f:4a05:711b:f53e
4.filebitch IN A
6.filebitch IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:344c:cb3f:4a05:711b:f53e
fileleech IN A
fileleech IN AAAA 42:0:e644:8862:affa:791e:7baa:d505
4.fileleech IN A
6.fileleech IN AAAA 42:0:e644:8862:affa:791e:7baa:d505
filepimp IN A
filepimp IN AAAA 42:0:e644:a124:fa4b:3226:1089:12
4.filepimp IN A
6.filepimp IN AAAA 42:0:e644:a124:fa4b:3226:1089:12
firecracker IN A
firecracker IN AAAA 42:0:e644:8c94:c2d8:72a1:3438:b376
4.firecracker IN A
6.firecracker IN AAAA 42:0:e644:8c94:c2d8:72a1:3438:b376
flap IN A
flap IN AAAA 42:0:e644:43dc:2291:7db8:acdc:d33e
4.flap IN A
6.flap IN AAAA 42:0:e644:43dc:2291:7db8:acdc:d33e
green IN A
green IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::12ee
4.green IN A
6.green IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::12ee
gum IN A
gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
backup.makefu IN A
@ -98,20 +156,76 @@ warrior.gum IN A
warrior.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
sick.makefu IN A
sick.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
4.gum IN A
4.backup.makefu IN A
4.blog.gum IN A
4.blog.makefu IN A
4.cache.gum IN A
4.cgit.gum IN A
4.dcpp.gum IN A
4.dcpp.nextgum IN A
4.graph IN A
4.logs.makefu IN A
4.netdata.makefu IN A
4.nextgum IN A
4.o.gum IN A
4.search.makefu IN A
4.stats.makefu IN A
4.torrent.gum IN A
4.tracker.makefu IN A
4.wiki.gum IN A
4.wiki.makefu IN A
4.warrior.gum IN A
4.sick.makefu IN A
6.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.backup.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.blog.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.blog.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.cache.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.cgit.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.dcpp.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.dcpp.nextgum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.graph IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.logs.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.netdata.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.nextgum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.o.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.search.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.stats.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.torrent.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.tracker.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.wiki.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.wiki.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.warrior.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
6.sick.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
harsha IN A
harsha IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:5d34:82f:51ab:a472:2923
4.harsha IN A
6.harsha IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:5d34:82f:51ab:a472:2923
hasegateway IN A
hasegateway IN AAAA 42:0:e644:9099:4f8:b9aa:3856:4e86
4.hasegateway IN A
6.hasegateway IN AAAA 42:0:e644:9099:4f8:b9aa:3856:4e86
helsinki IN A
helsinki IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:fd4a:acf9:e971:6036:8047
4.helsinki IN A
6.helsinki IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:fd4a:acf9:e971:6036:8047
herbert IN A
herbert IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:4478:f65c:bc63:91f5:a283
4.herbert IN A
6.herbert IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:4478:f65c:bc63:91f5:a283
hilum IN A
hilum IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::5b
4.hilum IN A
6.hilum IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::5b
homeros IN A
homeros IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:53e:e63d:e62a:56ea:c705
4.homeros IN A
6.homeros IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:53e:e63d:e62a:56ea:c705
horisa IN A
horisa IN AAAA 42:0:e644:9099:4f8:b9aa:3856:4e85
4.horisa IN A
6.horisa IN AAAA 42:0:e644:9099:4f8:b9aa:3856:4e85
hotdog IN A
hotdog IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
build IN A
@ -126,50 +240,108 @@ wiki IN A
wiki IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
wiki.hotdog IN A
wiki.hotdog IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
4.hotdog IN A
4.build IN A
4.build.hotdog IN A
4.cgit.hotdog IN A
4.irc IN A
4.wiki IN A
4.wiki.hotdog IN A
6.hotdog IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
6.build IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
6.build.hotdog IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
6.cgit.hotdog IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
6.irc IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
6.wiki IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
6.wiki.hotdog IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
icarus IN A
icarus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1205
cgit.icarus IN A
cgit.icarus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1205
4.icarus IN A
4.cgit.icarus IN A
6.icarus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1205
6.cgit.icarus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1205
inspector IN A
inspector IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:59bb:98fe:4422:5503:5a14
4.inspector IN A
6.inspector IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:59bb:98fe:4422:5503:5a14
jongepad IN A
jongepad IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:5a3b:2981:7f1f:a10a:2cae
4.jongepad IN A
6.jongepad IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:5a3b:2981:7f1f:a10a:2cae
justraute IN A
justraute IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:e6cf:86ae:85a9:e13f:4cd
4.justraute IN A
6.justraute IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:e6cf:86ae:85a9:e13f:4cd
littleT IN A
littleT IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::771e
4.littleT IN A
6.littleT IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::771e
martha IN A
martha IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:5466:7dbe:f27a:673f:ea64
4.martha IN A
6.martha IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:5466:7dbe:f27a:673f:ea64
matchbox IN A
matchbox IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:6745:adf4:a844:26c4:bf91
4.matchbox IN A
6.matchbox IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:6745:adf4:a844:26c4:bf91
morpheus IN A
morpheus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::12f
4.morpheus IN A
6.morpheus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::12f
mors IN A
mors IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::dea7
cgit.mors IN A
cgit.mors IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::dea7
4.mors IN A
4.cgit.mors IN A
6.mors IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::dea7
6.cgit.mors IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::dea7
mu IN A
mu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:3cd3:1950:3ea6:785e:e124
4.mu IN A
6.mu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:3cd3:1950:3ea6:785e:e124
ni IN A
ni IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4
cgit.ni IN A
cgit.ni IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4
4.ni IN A
4.cgit.ni IN A
6.ni IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4
6.cgit.ni IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4
nomic IN A
nomic IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e
cgit.nomic IN A
cgit.nomic IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e
4.nomic IN A
4.cgit.nomic IN A
6.nomic IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e
6.cgit.nomic IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e
nukular IN A
nukular IN AAAA 42:0:e644:600:78e3:919a:5b4a:94ed
4.nukular IN A
6.nukular IN AAAA 42:0:e644:600:78e3:919a:5b4a:94ed
omo IN A
omo IN AAAA 42:0:e644:920e:23f6:353a:c09:5a66
dcpp.omo IN A
dcpp.omo IN AAAA 42:0:e644:920e:23f6:353a:c09:5a66
torrent.omo IN A
torrent.omo IN AAAA 42:0:e644:920e:23f6:353a:c09:5a66
4.omo IN A
4.dcpp.omo IN A
4.torrent.omo IN A
6.omo IN AAAA 42:0:e644:920e:23f6:353a:c09:5a66
6.dcpp.omo IN AAAA 42:0:e644:920e:23f6:353a:c09:5a66
6.torrent.omo IN AAAA 42:0:e644:920e:23f6:353a:c09:5a66
onebutton IN A
onebutton IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:bfa7:deac:9452:799:37a
4.onebutton IN A
6.onebutton IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:bfa7:deac:9452:799:37a
pepe IN A
pepe IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:b7c1:7c9e:7c14:94b2:684a
4.pepe IN A
6.pepe IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:b7c1:7c9e:7c14:94b2:684a
prism IN A
prism IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
cache.prism IN A
@ -180,6 +352,16 @@ paste IN A
paste IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
p IN A
p IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
4.prism IN A
4.cache.prism IN A
4.cgit.prism IN A
4.paste IN A
4.p IN A
6.prism IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
6.cache.prism IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
6.cgit.prism IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
6.paste IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
6.p IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
puyak IN A
puyak IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
build.puyak IN A
@ -188,64 +370,130 @@ cgit.puyak IN A
cgit.puyak IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
go IN A
go IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
4.puyak IN A
4.build.puyak IN A
4.cgit.puyak IN A
4.go IN A
6.puyak IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
6.build.puyak IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
6.cgit.puyak IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
6.go IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
qubasa IN A
qubasa IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:123e:bbea:3529:db39:6764
4.qubasa IN A
6.qubasa IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:123e:bbea:3529:db39:6764
querel IN A
querel IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:983d:1d32:dc73:9f63:363c
4.querel IN A
6.querel IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:983d:1d32:dc73:9f63:363c
reagenzglas IN A
reagenzglas IN AAAA 42:0:8809:48df:e952:9e30:78ff:ebc7
4.reagenzglas IN A
6.reagenzglas IN AAAA 42:0:8809:48df:e952:9e30:78ff:ebc7
red IN A
red IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::12ed
4.red IN A
6.red IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::12ed
rock IN A
rock IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:e1a5:350a:770c:ec9:f353
4.rock IN A
6.rock IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:e1a5:350a:770c:ec9:f353
rose IN A
rose IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:a5a1:618d:663a:f0f1:ec88
4.rose IN A
6.rose IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:a5a1:618d:663a:f0f1:ec88
scardanelli IN A
scardanelli IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:4007:5bce:f1bc:606b:2b18
4.scardanelli IN A
6.scardanelli IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:4007:5bce:f1bc:606b:2b18
schasch IN A
schasch IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:85c6:fbe9:bcac:ad31:b4b3
4.schasch IN A
6.schasch IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:85c6:fbe9:bcac:ad31:b4b3
sdev IN A
sdev IN AAAA 42:0:e644:24ad:995f:5926:71d5:b26e
4.sdev IN A
6.sdev IN AAAA 42:0:e644:24ad:995f:5926:71d5:b26e
senderechner IN A
senderechner IN AAAA 42:0:e644:d21:6292:46e0:57e:23e5
4.senderechner IN A
6.senderechner IN AAAA 42:0:e644:d21:6292:46e0:57e:23e5
shodan IN A
shodan IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::50da
cgit.shodan IN A
cgit.shodan IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::50da
4.shodan IN A
4.cgit.shodan IN A
6.shodan IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::50da
6.cgit.shodan IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::50da
skynet IN A
skynet IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::5ce7
cgit.skynet IN A
cgit.skynet IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::5ce7
4.skynet IN A
4.cgit.skynet IN A
6.skynet IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::5ce7
6.cgit.skynet IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::5ce7
sokrateslaptop IN A
sokrateslaptop IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:d31e:64a7:4a62:a9b0:118
4.sokrateslaptop IN A
6.sokrateslaptop IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:d31e:64a7:4a62:a9b0:118
sterni IN A
sterni IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:9f6d:2a87:ed17:fdb5:e504
4.sterni IN A
6.sterni IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:9f6d:2a87:ed17:fdb5:e504
studio IN A
studio IN AAAA 42:0:e644:c049:da0d:aaba:4b15:6961
4.studio IN A
6.studio IN AAAA 42:0:e644:c049:da0d:aaba:4b15:6961
toastbrot IN A
toastbrot IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:d517:31c3:3ef8:31e7:c0b8
4.toastbrot IN A
6.toastbrot IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:d517:31c3:3ef8:31e7:c0b8
tpsw IN A
tpsw IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:7eec:653c:73c1:91dc:f89e
4.tpsw IN A
6.tpsw IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:7eec:653c:73c1:91dc:f89e
tsp IN A
tsp IN AAAA 42:0:e644:2215:73ba:f838:855e:945b
4.tsp IN A
6.tsp IN AAAA 42:0:e644:2215:73ba:f838:855e:945b
turingmachine IN A
turingmachine IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:47e8:f610:15d1:27a3:674b
4.turingmachine IN A
6.turingmachine IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:47e8:f610:15d1:27a3:674b
unnamed IN A
unnamed IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:20f:e882:bcaa:db1e:2e2
4.unnamed IN A
6.unnamed IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:20f:e882:bcaa:db1e:2e2
ilmu IN A
ilmu IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:bc8c:78fb:66b5:512c:7fbe
4.ilmu IN A
6.ilmu IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:bc8c:78fb:66b5:512c:7fbe
uriel IN A
uriel IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1e1
cgit.uriel IN A
cgit.uriel IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1e1
4.uriel IN A
4.cgit.uriel IN A
6.uriel IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1e1
6.cgit.uriel IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1e1
wbob IN A
wbob IN AAAA 42:0:e644:4499:d034:895e:34c8:6f9a
hydra.wbob IN A
hydra.wbob IN AAAA 42:0:e644:4499:d034:895e:34c8:6f9a
log.wbob IN A
log.wbob IN AAAA 42:0:e644:4499:d034:895e:34c8:6f9a
4.wbob IN A
4.hydra.wbob IN A
4.log.wbob IN A
6.wbob IN AAAA 42:0:e644:4499:d034:895e:34c8:6f9a
6.hydra.wbob IN AAAA 42:0:e644:4499:d034:895e:34c8:6f9a
6.log.wbob IN AAAA 42:0:e644:4499:d034:895e:34c8:6f9a
wilde IN A
wilde IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:907c:1fb8:b74f:c59b:1ee3
4.wilde IN A
6.wilde IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:907c:1fb8:b74f:c59b:1ee3
wolf IN A
wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
build.wolf IN A
@ -254,25 +502,55 @@ cgit.wolf IN A
cgit.wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
lounge.mpd.wolf IN A
lounge.mpd.wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
4.wolf IN A
4.build.wolf IN A
4.cgit.wolf IN A
4.lounge.mpd.wolf IN A
6.wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
6.build.wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
6.cgit.wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
6.lounge.mpd.wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
workhorse IN A
workhorse IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:cebc:c85b:3259:97fa:757a
4.workhorse IN A
6.workhorse IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:cebc:c85b:3259:97fa:757a
workout IN A
workout IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:3736:b10c:94bd:8ae3:8a2a
4.workout IN A
6.workout IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:3736:b10c:94bd:8ae3:8a2a
wu IN A
wu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95
cgit.wu IN A
cgit.wu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95
4.wu IN A
4.cgit.wu IN A
6.wu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95
6.cgit.wu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95
x IN A
x IN AAAA 42:0:e644:162:2d71:1642:b726:b044
4.x IN A
6.x IN AAAA 42:0:e644:162:2d71:1642:b726:b044
xerxes IN A
xerxes IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::3
4.xerxes IN A
6.xerxes IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::3
xu IN A
xu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
cgit.xu IN A
cgit.xu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
krebs.xu IN A
krebs.xu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
4.xu IN A
4.cgit.xu IN A
4.krebs.xu IN A
6.xu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
6.cgit.xu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
6.krebs.xu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
yellow IN A
yellow IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::3110
4.yellow IN A
6.yellow IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::3110
zu IN A
zu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:9c86:82ce:fa82:83d3:fda
4.zu IN A
6.zu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:9c86:82ce:fa82:83d3:fda

@ -1,11 +1,18 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA shack. root.r. 2020311221 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN SOA shack. root.r. 2020362721 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
filebitch IN A
4.filebitch IN A
wolf IN A
graphite IN A
acng IN A
drivedroid IN A
mobile.lounge.mpd IN A
lounge.mpd.wolf IN A
4.wolf IN A
4.graphite IN A
4.acng IN A
4.drivedroid IN A
4.mobile.lounge.mpd IN A
4.lounge.mpd.wolf IN A

@ -1,36 +1,68 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA w. root.r. 2020311221 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN SOA w. root.r. 2020362721 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
ada IN AAAA 42:1:3c46:eac1:fdee:430d:40bd:57de
6.ada IN AAAA 42:1:3c46:eac1:fdee:430d:40bd:57de
alnus IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:99a9:9166:ae88:208:9645
6.alnus IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:99a9:9166:ae88:208:9645
blue IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::b1ce
6.blue IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::b1ce
daedalus IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::daed
6.daedalus IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::daed
green IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::12ee
6.green IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::12ee
gum IN A
gum IN AAAA 42:1:e644::1
4.gum IN A
6.gum IN AAAA 42:1:e644::1
hilum IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::5b
6.hilum IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::5b
icarus IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::1205
6.icarus IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::1205
littleT IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::771e
6.littleT IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::771e
miaoski IN AAAA 42:1:3c46:a85c:9517:3474:8e1c:4be7
6.miaoski IN AAAA 42:1:3c46:a85c:9517:3474:8e1c:4be7
morpheus IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::12f
6.morpheus IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::12f
mors IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::dea7
6.mors IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::dea7
mu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:3cd3:1950:3ea6:785e:e124
6.mu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:3cd3:1950:3ea6:785e:e124
ni IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4
6.ni IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4
nomic IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e
6.nomic IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e
phone IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::a
6.phone IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::a
prism IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::1
6.prism IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::1
querel IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:983d:1d32:dc73:9f63:363c
6.querel IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:983d:1d32:dc73:9f63:363c
rilke IN AAAA 42:1:3c46:b673:31c9:233d:9cb3:7576
6.rilke IN AAAA 42:1:3c46:b673:31c9:233d:9cb3:7576
rockit IN A
rockit IN AAAA 42:1:e644:319b:262c:9d61:9712:6f5f
4.rockit IN A
6.rockit IN AAAA 42:1:e644:319b:262c:9d61:9712:6f5f
shackdev IN A
shackdev IN AAAA 42:1:e644:e626:6023:4892:d72a:8e19
4.shackdev IN A
6.shackdev IN AAAA 42:1:e644:e626:6023:4892:d72a:8e19
shodan IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::50da
6.shodan IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::50da
skynet IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::5ce7
6.skynet IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::5ce7
wu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95
6.wu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95
x IN AAAA 42:1:e644:162:2d71:1642:b726:b044
6.x IN AAAA 42:1:e644:162:2d71:1642:b726:b044
xerxes IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::3
6.xerxes IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::3
xu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
6.xu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
yellow IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::3110
6.yellow IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::3110
zu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:9c86:82ce:fa82:83d3:fda
6.zu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:9c86:82ce:fa82:83d3:fda