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Jörg Thalheim 2020-08-12 17:51:30 +01:00
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commit dd18a4435e
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scripts/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,52 @@
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
import datetime
from collections import defaultdict
from typing import DefaultDict, Any
serial ="%Y%M%d%h")
HEADER = f"""@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. {serial} 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
def main() -> None:
dns: DefaultDict[str, Any] = defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(dict))
rdns = {}
hostsfile = sys.argv[1]
with open(hostsfile) as f:
for line in f:
columns = line.split(" ")
rdns[columns[0]] = columns[1].strip()
for name in columns[1:]:
hostname, tld = name.strip().rsplit(".", 1)
ip = columns[0]
record = "AAAA" if ":" in ip else "A"
dns[tld][hostname][record] = columns[0]
for zone, hosts in dns.items():
with open(f"{zone}.zone", "w") as f:
for name, record in hosts.items():
for rtype, ip in record.items():
f.write(f"{name} IN {rtype} {ip}\n")
with open("", "w") as f:
for ip, name in rdns.items():
if "." in ip and ip.startswith("10.2"):
f.write(f"{ip}. IN PTR {name}.\n")
with open("", "w") as f:
for ip, name in rdns.items():
if ":" in ip and ip.startswith("42:"):
f.write(f"{ip}. IN PTR {name}.\n")
if __name__ == "__main__":

zones/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,96 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. 20204812Aug 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb IN PTR nomic.gg23. IN PTR ok.gg23. IN PTR wu.gg23. IN PTR xu.gg23. IN PTR zu.gg23. IN PTR alnus.r. IN PTR amy.r. IN PTR blue.r. IN PTR bolide.r. IN PTR brauerei.r. IN PTR cake.r. IN PTR catalonia.r. IN PTR catullus.r. IN PTR clara.r. IN PTR crapi.r. IN PTR crustacea.r. IN PTR daedalus.r. IN PTR dimitrios.r. IN PTR donna.r. IN PTR dpdkm.r. IN PTR eddie.r. IN PTR enklave.r. IN PTR eve.r. IN PTR filebitch.r. IN PTR fileleech.r. IN PTR filepimp.r. IN PTR firecracker.r. IN PTR flap.r. IN PTR green.r. IN PTR gum.r. IN PTR harsha.r. IN PTR hasegateway.r. IN PTR helsinki.r. IN PTR herbert.r. IN PTR hilum.r. IN PTR homeros.r. IN PTR horisa.r. IN PTR hotdog.r. IN PTR icarus.r. IN PTR inspector.r. IN PTR jongepad.r. IN PTR justraute.r. IN PTR littleT.r. IN PTR martha.r. IN PTR matchbox.r. IN PTR morpheus.r. IN PTR mors.r. IN PTR mu.r. IN PTR ni.r. IN PTR nomic.r. IN PTR nukular.r. IN PTR omo.r. IN PTR onebutton.r. IN PTR pepe.r. IN PTR prism.r. IN PTR puyak.r. IN PTR qubasa.r. IN PTR querel.r. IN PTR reagenzglas.r. IN PTR red.r. IN PTR rock.r. IN PTR rose.r. IN PTR scardanelli.r. IN PTR schasch.r. IN PTR sdev.r. IN PTR senderechner.r. IN PTR shodan.r. IN PTR skynet.r. IN PTR sokrateslaptop.r. IN PTR sterni.r. IN PTR studio.r. IN PTR toastbrot.r. IN PTR tpsw.r. IN PTR tsp.r. IN PTR turingmachine.r. IN PTR unnamed.r. IN PTR ilmu.r. IN PTR uriel.r. IN PTR wbob.r. IN PTR wilde.r. IN PTR wolf.r. IN PTR workhorse.r. IN PTR workout.r. IN PTR wu.r. IN PTR x.r. IN PTR xerxes.r. IN PTR xu.r. IN PTR yellow.r. IN PTR zu.r. IN PTR gum.w. IN PTR rockit.w. IN PTR shackdev.w.

zones/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,117 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. 20204812Aug 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
42:0:a46e:99a9:9166:ae88:208:9645. IN PTR alnus.r.
42:0:3c46:1551:1906:bc7c:801f:3c4. IN PTR amy.r.
42:0:ce16::b1ce. IN PTR blue.r.
42:0:8809:c21a:c777:b352:f0d8:47d3. IN PTR bolide.r.
42:0:8809:da7f:7b20:6a54:c412:808f. IN PTR brauerei.r.
42:0:e644:ab0:32cd:b619:1962:5. IN PTR cake.r.
42:0:3c46:872f:60bd:5179:38b3:cba9. IN PTR catalonia.r.
42:0:3c46:3ec0:7aad:d1d5:9842:da4c. IN PTR catullus.r.
42:0:3c46:e4e9:7814:459b:3f23:f455. IN PTR clara.r.
42:0:e644:b386:6e2a:c94f:34d6:b0ca. IN PTR crapi.r.
42:4a6f::4263. IN PTR crustacea.r.
42:0:ce16::daed. IN PTR daedalus.r.
42:0:3c46:a1cf:9d0e:d966:a438:905d. IN PTR dimitrios.r.
42:0:3c46:7f2f:ed62:c6fd:9f1b:9900. IN PTR donna.r.
42:0:3c46:7296:36f3:4099:1a6b:d47e. IN PTR dpdkm.r.
42:0:3c46:126:3b9d:8298:f1b5:86d. IN PTR eddie.r.
42:0:8809:2ef1:f4d5:6338:daa4:ba68. IN PTR enklave.r.
42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb. IN PTR eve.r.
42:0:ca48:344c:cb3f:4a05:711b:f53e. IN PTR filebitch.r.
42:0:e644:8862:affa:791e:7baa:d505. IN PTR fileleech.r.
42:0:e644:a124:fa4b:3226:1089:12. IN PTR filepimp.r.
42:0:e644:8c94:c2d8:72a1:3438:b376. IN PTR firecracker.r.
42:0:e644:43dc:2291:7db8:acdc:d33e. IN PTR flap.r.
42:0:ce16::12ee. IN PTR green.r.
42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c. IN PTR gum.r.
42:0:3c46:5d34:82f:51ab:a472:2923. IN PTR harsha.r.
42:0:e644:9099:4f8:b9aa:3856:4e86. IN PTR hasegateway.r.
42:0:3c46:fd4a:acf9:e971:6036:8047. IN PTR helsinki.r.
42:0:3c46:4478:f65c:bc63:91f5:a283. IN PTR herbert.r.
42:0:ce16::5b. IN PTR hilum.r.
42:0:3c46:53e:e63d:e62a:56ea:c705. IN PTR homeros.r.
42:0:e644:9099:4f8:b9aa:3856:4e85. IN PTR horisa.r.
42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6. IN PTR hotdog.r.
42:0:ce16::1205. IN PTR icarus.r.
42:0:3c46:59bb:98fe:4422:5503:5a14. IN PTR inspector.r.
42:0:3c46:5a3b:2981:7f1f:a10a:2cae. IN PTR jongepad.r.
42:0:3c46:e6cf:86ae:85a9:e13f:4cd. IN PTR justraute.r.
42:0:ce16::771e. IN PTR littleT.r.
42:0:3c46:5466:7dbe:f27a:673f:ea64. IN PTR martha.r.
42:0:3c46:6745:adf4:a844:26c4:bf91. IN PTR matchbox.r.
42:0:ce16::12f. IN PTR morpheus.r.
42:0:ce16::dea7. IN PTR mors.r.
42:0:a46e:3cd3:1950:3ea6:785e:e124. IN PTR mu.r.
42:0:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4. IN PTR ni.r.
42:0:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e. IN PTR nomic.r.
42:0:e644:600:78e3:919a:5b4a:94ed. IN PTR nukular.r.
42:0:e644:920e:23f6:353a:c09:5a66. IN PTR omo.r.
42:0:ca48:bfa7:deac:9452:799:37a. IN PTR onebutton.r.
42:0:3c46:b7c1:7c9e:7c14:94b2:684a. IN PTR pepe.r.
42:0:ce16::1. IN PTR prism.r.
42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d. IN PTR puyak.r.
42:0:3c46:123e:bbea:3529:db39:6764. IN PTR qubasa.r.
42:0:a46e:983d:1d32:dc73:9f63:363c. IN PTR querel.r.
42:0:8809:48df:e952:9e30:78ff:ebc7. IN PTR reagenzglas.r.
42:0:ce16::12ed. IN PTR red.r.
42:0:3c46:e1a5:350a:770c:ec9:f353. IN PTR rock.r.
42:0:3c46:a5a1:618d:663a:f0f1:ec88. IN PTR rose.r.
42:0:3c46:4007:5bce:f1bc:606b:2b18. IN PTR scardanelli.r.
42:0:3c46:85c6:fbe9:bcac:ad31:b4b3. IN PTR schasch.r.
42:0:e644:24ad:995f:5926:71d5:b26e. IN PTR sdev.r.
42:0:e644:d21:6292:46e0:57e:23e5. IN PTR senderechner.r.
42:0:ce16::50da. IN PTR shodan.r.
42:0:ce16::5ce7. IN PTR skynet.r.
42:0:3c46:d31e:64a7:4a62:a9b0:118. IN PTR sokrateslaptop.r.
42:0:3c46:9f6d:2a87:ed17:fdb5:e504. IN PTR sterni.r.
42:0:e644:c049:da0d:aaba:4b15:6961. IN PTR studio.r.
42:0:3c46:d517:31c3:3ef8:31e7:c0b8. IN PTR toastbrot.r.
42:0:3c46:7eec:653c:73c1:91dc:f89e. IN PTR tpsw.r.
42:0:e644:2215:73ba:f838:855e:945b. IN PTR tsp.r.
42:0:3c46:47e8:f610:15d1:27a3:674b. IN PTR turingmachine.r.
42:0:3c46:20f:e882:bcaa:db1e:2e2. IN PTR unnamed.r.
42:0:3c46:bc8c:78fb:66b5:512c:7fbe. IN PTR ilmu.r.
42:0:ce16::1e1. IN PTR uriel.r.
42:0:e644:4499:d034:895e:34c8:6f9a. IN PTR wbob.r.
42:0:3c46:907c:1fb8:b74f:c59b:1ee3. IN PTR wilde.r.
42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b. IN PTR wolf.r.
42:0:3c46:cebc:c85b:3259:97fa:757a. IN PTR workhorse.r.
42:0:3c46:3736:b10c:94bd:8ae3:8a2a. IN PTR workout.r.
42:0:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95. IN PTR wu.r.
42:0:e644:162:2d71:1642:b726:b044. IN PTR x.r.
42:0:ce16::3. IN PTR xerxes.r.
42:0:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489. IN PTR xu.r.
42:0:ce16::3110. IN PTR yellow.r.
42:0:a46e:9c86:82ce:fa82:83d3:fda. IN PTR zu.r.
42:1:3c46:eac1:fdee:430d:40bd:57de. IN PTR ada.w.
42:1:a46e:99a9:9166:ae88:208:9645. IN PTR alnus.w.
42:1:ce16::b1ce. IN PTR blue.w.
42:1:ce16::daed. IN PTR daedalus.w.
42:1:ce16::12ee. IN PTR green.w.
42:1:e644::1. IN PTR gum.w.
42:1:ce16::5b. IN PTR hilum.w.
42:1:ce16::1205. IN PTR icarus.w.
42:1:ce16::771e. IN PTR littleT.w.
42:1:3c46:a85c:9517:3474:8e1c:4be7. IN PTR miaoski.w.
42:1:ce16::12f. IN PTR morpheus.w.
42:1:ce16::dea7. IN PTR mors.w.
42:1:a46e:3cd3:1950:3ea6:785e:e124. IN PTR mu.w.
42:1:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4. IN PTR ni.w.
42:1:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e. IN PTR nomic.w.
42:1:ce16::a. IN PTR phone.w.
42:1:ce16::1. IN PTR prism.w.
42:1:a46e:983d:1d32:dc73:9f63:363c. IN PTR querel.w.
42:1:3c46:b673:31c9:233d:9cb3:7576. IN PTR rilke.w.
42:1:e644:319b:262c:9d61:9712:6f5f. IN PTR rockit.w.
42:1:e644:e626:6023:4892:d72a:8e19. IN PTR shackdev.w.
42:1:ce16::50da. IN PTR shodan.w.
42:1:ce16::5ce7. IN PTR skynet.w.
42:1:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95. IN PTR wu.w.
42:1:e644:162:2d71:1642:b726:b044. IN PTR x.w.
42:1:ce16::3. IN PTR xerxes.w.
42:1:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489. IN PTR xu.w.
42:1:ce16::3110. IN PTR yellow.w.
42:1:a46e:9c86:82ce:fa82:83d3:fda. IN PTR zu.w.

zones/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. 20204812Aug 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
nomic IN A
ok IN A
wu IN A
cache.wu IN A
xu IN A
cache.xu IN A
zu IN A

zones/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,26 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. 20204812Aug 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
amy IN A
amy IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:b62e:99ff:fe3e:d369
clara IN A
clara IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:b62e:99ff:fe3d:70f2
donna IN A
donna IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:30a2:6e7b:c58b:cafd
eddie IN A
enklave IN A
eve IN A
eve IN AAAA 2a01:4f9:2b:1605::1
flap IN A
gum IN A
gum IN AAAA 2a01:4f8:191:12f6::2
inspector IN A
martha IN A
martha IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:6d4:c4ff:fe04:4aba
ni IN A IN A
prism IN A
paste IN A
rose IN A
rose IN AAAA 2001:630:3c1:164:6d4:c4ff:fe04:4e4b

zones/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. 20204812Aug 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
filepimp IN A
omo IN A
wbob IN A
log.wbob IN A

zones/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,272 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. 20204812Aug 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
alnus IN A
alnus IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:99a9:9166:ae88:208:9645
amy IN A
amy IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:1551:1906:bc7c:801f:3c4
blue IN A
blue IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::b1ce
bolide IN A
bolide IN AAAA 42:0:8809:c21a:c777:b352:f0d8:47d3
brauerei IN A
brauerei IN AAAA 42:0:8809:da7f:7b20:6a54:c412:808f
cake IN A
cake IN AAAA 42:0:e644:ab0:32cd:b619:1962:5
catalonia IN A
catalonia IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:872f:60bd:5179:38b3:cba9
catullus IN A
catullus IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:3ec0:7aad:d1d5:9842:da4c
clara IN A
clara IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:e4e9:7814:459b:3f23:f455
crapi IN A
crapi IN AAAA 42:0:e644:b386:6e2a:c94f:34d6:b0ca
crustacea IN A
crustacea IN AAAA 42:4a6f::4263
daedalus IN A
daedalus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::daed
cgit.daedalus IN A
cgit.daedalus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::daed
dimitrios IN A
dimitrios IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:a1cf:9d0e:d966:a438:905d
donna IN A
donna IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:7f2f:ed62:c6fd:9f1b:9900
dpdkm IN A
dpdkm IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:7296:36f3:4099:1a6b:d47e
eddie IN A
eddie IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:126:3b9d:8298:f1b5:86d
enklave IN A
enklave IN AAAA 42:0:8809:2ef1:f4d5:6338:daa4:ba68
cgit.enklave IN A
cgit.enklave IN AAAA 42:0:8809:2ef1:f4d5:6338:daa4:ba68
eve IN A
eve IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
filebitch IN A
filebitch IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:344c:cb3f:4a05:711b:f53e
fileleech IN A
fileleech IN AAAA 42:0:e644:8862:affa:791e:7baa:d505
filepimp IN A
filepimp IN AAAA 42:0:e644:a124:fa4b:3226:1089:12
firecracker IN A
firecracker IN AAAA 42:0:e644:8c94:c2d8:72a1:3438:b376
flap IN A
flap IN AAAA 42:0:e644:43dc:2291:7db8:acdc:d33e
green IN A
green IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::12ee
gum IN A
gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
backup.makefu IN A
backup.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
blog.gum IN A
blog.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
blog.makefu IN A
blog.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
cache.gum IN A
cache.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
cgit.gum IN A
cgit.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
dcpp.gum IN A
dcpp.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
dcpp.nextgum IN A
dcpp.nextgum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
graph IN A
graph IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
logs.makefu IN A
logs.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
netdata.makefu IN A
netdata.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
nextgum IN A
nextgum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
o.gum IN A
o.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
search.makefu IN A
search.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
stats.makefu IN A
stats.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
torrent.gum IN A
torrent.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
tracker.makefu IN A
tracker.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
wiki.gum IN A
wiki.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
wiki.makefu IN A
wiki.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
warrior.gum IN A
warrior.gum IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
sick.makefu IN A
sick.makefu IN AAAA 42:0:e644:238d:3e46:c884:6ec5:16c
harsha IN A
harsha IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:5d34:82f:51ab:a472:2923
hasegateway IN A
hasegateway IN AAAA 42:0:e644:9099:4f8:b9aa:3856:4e86
helsinki IN A
helsinki IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:fd4a:acf9:e971:6036:8047
herbert IN A
herbert IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:4478:f65c:bc63:91f5:a283
hilum IN A
hilum IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::5b
homeros IN A
homeros IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:53e:e63d:e62a:56ea:c705
horisa IN A
horisa IN AAAA 42:0:e644:9099:4f8:b9aa:3856:4e85
hotdog IN A
hotdog IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
build IN A
build IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
build.hotdog IN A
build.hotdog IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
cgit.hotdog IN A
cgit.hotdog IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
irc IN A
irc IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b3a6:3560:2208:e86a:c7d6
icarus IN A
icarus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1205
cgit.icarus IN A
cgit.icarus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1205
inspector IN A
inspector IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:59bb:98fe:4422:5503:5a14
jongepad IN A
jongepad IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:5a3b:2981:7f1f:a10a:2cae
justraute IN A
justraute IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:e6cf:86ae:85a9:e13f:4cd
littleT IN A
littleT IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::771e
martha IN A
martha IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:5466:7dbe:f27a:673f:ea64
matchbox IN A
matchbox IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:6745:adf4:a844:26c4:bf91
morpheus IN A
morpheus IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::12f
mors IN A
mors IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::dea7
cgit.mors IN A
cgit.mors IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::dea7
mu IN A
mu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:3cd3:1950:3ea6:785e:e124
ni IN A
ni IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4 IN A IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4
nomic IN A
nomic IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e
cgit.nomic IN A
cgit.nomic IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e
nukular IN A
nukular IN AAAA 42:0:e644:600:78e3:919a:5b4a:94ed
omo IN A
omo IN AAAA 42:0:e644:920e:23f6:353a:c09:5a66
dcpp.omo IN A
dcpp.omo IN AAAA 42:0:e644:920e:23f6:353a:c09:5a66
torrent.omo IN A
torrent.omo IN AAAA 42:0:e644:920e:23f6:353a:c09:5a66
onebutton IN A
onebutton IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:bfa7:deac:9452:799:37a
pepe IN A
pepe IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:b7c1:7c9e:7c14:94b2:684a
prism IN A
prism IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
cache.prism IN A
cache.prism IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
cgit.prism IN A
cgit.prism IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
paste IN A
paste IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
p IN A
p IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1
puyak IN A
puyak IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
build.puyak IN A
build.puyak IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
cgit.puyak IN A
cgit.puyak IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
go IN A
go IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:f98f:63d7:31ce:922b:245d
qubasa IN A
qubasa IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:123e:bbea:3529:db39:6764
querel IN A
querel IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:983d:1d32:dc73:9f63:363c
reagenzglas IN A
reagenzglas IN AAAA 42:0:8809:48df:e952:9e30:78ff:ebc7
red IN A
red IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::12ed
rock IN A
rock IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:e1a5:350a:770c:ec9:f353
rose IN A
rose IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:a5a1:618d:663a:f0f1:ec88
scardanelli IN A
scardanelli IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:4007:5bce:f1bc:606b:2b18
schasch IN A
schasch IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:85c6:fbe9:bcac:ad31:b4b3
sdev IN A
sdev IN AAAA 42:0:e644:24ad:995f:5926:71d5:b26e
senderechner IN A
senderechner IN AAAA 42:0:e644:d21:6292:46e0:57e:23e5
shodan IN A
shodan IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::50da
cgit.shodan IN A
cgit.shodan IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::50da
skynet IN A
skynet IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::5ce7
cgit.skynet IN A
cgit.skynet IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::5ce7
sokrateslaptop IN A
sokrateslaptop IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:d31e:64a7:4a62:a9b0:118
sterni IN A
sterni IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:9f6d:2a87:ed17:fdb5:e504
studio IN A
studio IN AAAA 42:0:e644:c049:da0d:aaba:4b15:6961
toastbrot IN A
toastbrot IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:d517:31c3:3ef8:31e7:c0b8
tpsw IN A
tpsw IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:7eec:653c:73c1:91dc:f89e
tsp IN A
tsp IN AAAA 42:0:e644:2215:73ba:f838:855e:945b
turingmachine IN A
turingmachine IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:47e8:f610:15d1:27a3:674b
unnamed IN A
unnamed IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:20f:e882:bcaa:db1e:2e2
ilmu IN A
ilmu IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:bc8c:78fb:66b5:512c:7fbe
uriel IN A
uriel IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1e1
cgit.uriel IN A
cgit.uriel IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::1e1
wbob IN A
wbob IN AAAA 42:0:e644:4499:d034:895e:34c8:6f9a
hydra.wbob IN A
hydra.wbob IN AAAA 42:0:e644:4499:d034:895e:34c8:6f9a
log.wbob IN A
log.wbob IN AAAA 42:0:e644:4499:d034:895e:34c8:6f9a
wilde IN A
wilde IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:907c:1fb8:b74f:c59b:1ee3
wolf IN A
wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
build.wolf IN A
build.wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
cgit.wolf IN A
cgit.wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
lounge.mpd.wolf IN A
lounge.mpd.wolf IN AAAA 42:0:ca48:b76a:f76b:61b9:62db:75b
workhorse IN A
workhorse IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:cebc:c85b:3259:97fa:757a
workout IN A
workout IN AAAA 42:0:3c46:3736:b10c:94bd:8ae3:8a2a
wu IN A
wu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95
cgit.wu IN A
cgit.wu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95
x IN A
x IN AAAA 42:0:e644:162:2d71:1642:b726:b044
xerxes IN A
xerxes IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::3
xu IN A
xu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
cgit.xu IN A
cgit.xu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
krebs.xu IN A
krebs.xu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
yellow IN A
yellow IN AAAA 42:0:ce16::3110
zu IN A
zu IN AAAA 42:0:a46e:9c86:82ce:fa82:83d3:fda

zones/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,11 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. 20204812Aug 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
filebitch IN A
wolf IN A
graphite IN A
acng IN A
drivedroid IN A
mobile.lounge.mpd IN A
lounge.mpd.wolf IN A

zones/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,36 @@
@ 3600 IN SOA r. root.r. 20204812Aug 7200 3600 86400 3600
@ 3600 IN NS ns1
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A 42:0:3c46:70c7:8526:2adf:7451:8bbb
ada IN AAAA 42:1:3c46:eac1:fdee:430d:40bd:57de
alnus IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:99a9:9166:ae88:208:9645
blue IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::b1ce
daedalus IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::daed
green IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::12ee
gum IN A
gum IN AAAA 42:1:e644::1
hilum IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::5b
icarus IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::1205
littleT IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::771e
miaoski IN AAAA 42:1:3c46:a85c:9517:3474:8e1c:4be7
morpheus IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::12f
mors IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::dea7
mu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:3cd3:1950:3ea6:785e:e124
ni IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:c68b:4db0:3a27:7cfb:9ef4
nomic IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:7b8c:531e:67a5:9846:756e
phone IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::a
prism IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::1
querel IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:983d:1d32:dc73:9f63:363c
rilke IN AAAA 42:1:3c46:b673:31c9:233d:9cb3:7576
rockit IN A
rockit IN AAAA 42:1:e644:319b:262c:9d61:9712:6f5f
shackdev IN A
shackdev IN AAAA 42:1:e644:e626:6023:4892:d72a:8e19
shodan IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::50da
skynet IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::5ce7
wu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:b17d:cf4e:39ae:462a:f95
x IN AAAA 42:1:e644:162:2d71:1642:b726:b044
xerxes IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::3
xu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:c3c:9c2f:1386:90fc:a489
yellow IN AAAA 42:1:ce16::3110
zu IN AAAA 42:1:a46e:9c86:82ce:fa82:83d3:fda