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add new readme
2 years ago
.themes/classic new post: pubsubhubbub with octopress 8 years ago
plugins new pygment hack 8 years ago
sass upgrade slash theme 8 years ago
source fix link, add alternative solution 6 years ago
.editorconfig Add EditorConfig file for Ruby files 11 years ago
.gitattributes Added .gitattributes file to keep CRLF's out of the codebase. 10 years ago
.gitignore .gitignore Gemfile.lock per previous commit 9 years ago
.gitmodules switch to stash theme 8 years ago
.powrc Adding .powrc to allow RVM to work when POW is updated to version 0.4.0 and beyond. 11 years ago
.slugignore added slugignore to help with heroku deployment 12 years ago
.travis.yml Deprecate 1.9.2, add 2.0.0 :) 10 years ago
CHANGELOG.markdown fixed typo in CHANGELOG - thanks VIM modes :/ 12 years ago
Gemfile Gemfile: remove pygments gem 8 years ago
Gemfile.lock Gemfile.lock: bump dependencies 8 years ago
README.markdown Merge pull request #1678 from Blaisorblade/patch-1 8 years ago add new readme 2 years ago
Rakefile use deploy user 8 years ago
TODO add TODO file 8 years ago
_config.yml duckduckgo https link 7 years ago
config.rb Fix http generated images path when using Compass sprites 10 years ago Sinatra now correctly returns code 404 when a page is not found. Closes #1198 10 years ago


New repo is here: