Evenet tinc configuration
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1. Install tinc and dhcp (at lease version 1.1pre11)

- tinc-pre from aur
- dhcpcd or dhclient (dhcpcd recommend)
- tinc from this [Port Collection](https://github.com/Mic92/ports)
- dhcpcd or dhclient (dhcpcd recommend)
Mac OS X:
- Get homebrew
- $ ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.github.com/mxcl/homebrew/go)"
- $ brew install tuntap # WICHTIG: Befehle, welche das Programm am Ende
# ausspuckt befolgen und Rechner neustarten (ja, wirklich neustarten!)
- brew install --devel tinc
- brew install bash
- Replace /etc with /usr/local/etc in the following walk-through

2. Clone hosts
root> mkdir /etc/tinc/evenet # /usr/local/etc/tinc/evenet on MacOS X
root> chown $USER /etc/tinc/evenet
user> git clone gitlab@git.higgsboson.tk:Mic92/evenet.git /etc/tinc/evenet
3. Request invite url (generated by `tinc -c . invite`)
4. Join tinc url
user> cd /etc/tinc/evenet
user> tinc -c . generate-keys
user> tinc -c . join <url>

# Optional (set public address)
user> tinc -c /etc/tinc/evenet
tinc> set Address domain.tld # optional, wenn eine öffentliche Addresse verfügbar ist
tinc> set Port 666 # optional, wenn anderer Port gewünscht
tinc> exit
5. Generate MAC-Adresse
$ ./tinc-generate-mac
6. Test with tinc-debug
$ ./tinc-debug
7. Recommend: Add dn42-domain (on MacOS X)
$ ln -s /usr/local/etc/tinc/evenet/resolver/dn42 /etc/resolver/dn42

Static IP-Adresses