NixOS configuration
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lassulus 62c9781c8e l coaxmetal.r: build with unstable 15 hours ago
.github execute repo sync only for Mic92 3 months ago
doc doc Issues: fix clone repo step 4 years ago
jeschli jeschli: use new unstable remote 1 year ago
krebs Revert "rip Reaktor" 19 hours ago
lass l coaxmetal.r: build with unstable 15 hours ago
lib lib.haskell.substitutePkgs: init 7 months ago
makefu ma x.r: use upstream kernel for working zfs build 3 weeks ago
null add null module 6 years ago
submodules krops: 1.24.1 -> 1.25.0 7 months ago
tv tv: stdenv.lib -> lib 4 days ago
.gitignore .gitignore: add result 4 years ago
.gitlab-ci.yml gitlab-ci: run only on tags 1 year ago
.gitmodules remove brockman from submodules 2 years ago
.rsync-filter rsync-filter, gitignore: ignore TODO 4 years ago
ci.nix ci: build in stockholm-build 3 years ago
default.nix default.nix: simplify system evaluations 3 years ago